2024 Colour Trends Mood Board

Colour Trends and Psychology

Setting the Scene

In the world of interior design, “luxury” is more than just a term. It’s an experience, a feeling that combines aesthetics, functionality, and exclusivity. But what truly defines luxury interior design? It’s not merely about brand names or high price tags; it’s about crafting spaces that exude elegance, comfort, and timeless beauty.

“Color is the spirit of a room, its heart, and soul. It’s what gives life to a space and tells its story.” – Jonathan Adler

2024 Colour Trends in Decor

The coming year heralds a shift towards bold and expressive colour palettes. Insights from Architectural Digest reveal how these hues reflect societal moods and pave the way for future design innovations.

The Psychology of Colours at Home

The influence of colour on our emotions is a critical aspect of interior design. Elle Decor explores how different hues impact feelings and behaviours, the knowledge that Layth applies to create spaces that are visually stunning and emotionally resonant.

Pantone’s Influence

As a global colour authority, Pantone’s forecasts, available on their official website, are indispensable for designers like Layth who strive to be trendsetters.

Colour and Emotion: A Deeper Dive

Colours profoundly affect our emotions, shaping the ambiance of a space. Layth expertly selects hues that align with trends and evoke the desired atmosphere in each project.

Colour Psychology Impact

Exploring the psychological effects of colours in interior design reveals a fascinating anavar cycle interplay between hues and emotions. Let’s delve into five common colours:

1. Blue: Often associated with tranquillity and calmness, blue is ideal for creating a npp steroid side effects serene and peaceful atmosphere. It’s frequently used in bedrooms and bathrooms to promote relaxation.

2. Red: Known for its energizing and stimulating properties, red can evoke feelings of passion and excitement. It’s a bold choice, often used in living areas or dining rooms to stimulate conversation. and appetite.

3. Green: Symbolizing nature and renewal, green brings a sense of balance and harmony to a space. It’s soothing to the eye and is often used in spaces where stress reduction is desired, like home offices or reading nooks.

4. Yellow: This cheerful and uplifting colour can brighten any space. Yellow stimulates happiness and creativity, making it a great choice for kitchens, playrooms, or any space where you want to evoke a sense of joy and energy.

5. Purple: A colour of luxury and creativity, purple can add a touch of sophistication and mystery to a room. Lighter shades like lavender bring a restful quality, ideal for bedrooms, while deeper purples can create a sense of luxury in living spaces.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Colours

Looking towards 2025, sustainability in design, including eco-friendly colour choices, becomes increasingly important. Resources like Treehugger offer insights into making environmentally

The Role of Technology in Colour Trends

Technological advancements influence the development and application of colour trends, allowing designers to explore innovative colour schemes.


Colour in Commercial vs. Residential Design

The use of colour differs in commercial and residential spaces. In commercial design, colours align with brand identity and customer experience, while residential design focuses on personal preference and comfort.


Looking Ahead

The future of interior design is vibrant, with colour playing a pivotal role in shaping our experiences in various spaces. Layth’s expertise in harmonizing these trends with client needs distinguishes House of Layth in luxury interior design.


Conclusion: Embracing the Future of Colour in Design

As we look towards the future, the role of colour in interior design continues to evolve, bringing new opportunities for creativity and expression. The trends of 2024 and beyond promise a palette that is both bold and reflective of our changing world. With a deep understanding of the psychology of colours and a keen eye for sustainable choices, Layth from House of Layth remains at the forefront of this colourful revolution.


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